About Missionary


For roughly 10 years, I was a promiscuous slave to alcohol and drugs. With cardiac arrhythmia and internal bleeding from stomach ulcers, I was killing myself.

In 2010, Jesus reached down, called me to repentance and raised me from the deepest pit. I am nothing special. Jesus can do the same for you.

He cleansed me in His blood, gave me peace, new life and purpose. Having witnessed the power of Christ in my life, He led me to share my story with others. I knew I was called to the ministry. Several years of preparation later, the Lord called me out of corporate America to serve Him.

Today I serve the Lord as a missionary, primarily to those who struggle with same sex attraction (SSA) and gender identity. My journey has been unique. I am called to share the gospel and bear witness to what Christ has done for me.

As the Lord leads, we trust that we will see many more set free from the bondage of sin to glorify Christ. The Lord provides through your donations.

May the Lord bless you,

Matthew Karchner (email)

All glory, honor and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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